The Foundation

Set up in October 2007, Alma Mater Ticinensis Foundation, is an Italian University Foundation which has two founding members: the University of Pavia and the ‘Banca del Monte di Lombardia’.

The Alma Mater Ticinensis Foundation’s mission is to promote knowledge of the University of Pavia and to make this knowledge accessible. In order to achieve these objectives, the Foundation aims to encourage collaboration between the University and the economic and social community, to support the creation of new business opportunities, to facilitate the transferring of innovations from the academic world to agencies and the public administration, to give a kick-start to cooperation at the international level and to incentivise excellent innovation research. The Foundation also aims to offer the most intelligent young people concrete opportunities to build their future in the universities’ rooms and laboratories. The Alma Mater Ticinensis Foundation works with the University of Pavia, with other Italian Universities and Foundations, and with agencies and the public administration, to promote collaboration between these bodies.Its ultimate goal is to aid the University in pursuing the social, economic and cultural development of Italy.