High Level Training Courses

The Vistarino Palace is the site of high level training courses organised by the University of Pavia and by the Alma Mater Ticinensis Foundation.

By high level training courses we mean masters programmes, short courses, summer and winter schools, both international and national, for those who have already started on their own professional path.

These programmes are characterized by complex applied or scientific content. There are also 48 guest rooms for students and professors to reside in.

All the courses have been created and approved by academics of the University of Pavia. The classes are given by university professors, teaching experts, business managers and entrepreneurs, in order to ensure an ideal integration of scientific methodology and applied experience.

High level training courses

  • Master’s programmes
  • Short courses
  • summer and winter schools

Permanent training courses

  • meetings for top managers
  • conferences and seminars

As well as events, exhibitions, concerts…

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